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Why upNextVR?

because i found myself spending to much time in research for people and events in the VR Space.

Who is behind upNextVR?

I`m working in the VR Space since 12.2014. As an advisor and coordinator for VR productions I realized how much time i spent researching for professionals in the VR Space. This is the simple reason why i started upNextVR. I really hope that this site could become the place to go whenever a VR professional or source of information is needed 🙂

Is it Commercial?

No. Not now. Maybe never. Depends on how much time i will spent with this service and server costs 😉

Hey! Thats my Business! – Claiming

If you find out that someone already added your business and you want it back – just click the „claim“ button in the Entry header.
You will be redirected to a contact form where you can place your inquiry. If the claim is correct, the Entry will be assigned to your account.
Before claiming you have to register and login. It`s `easy and should take max. 5 minutes. Please keep in mind that every claim must be double checked by upNextVR. You will be informed via mail as soon as the claim was approved.

Where is my Post?

If you wonder where the post you just added is: We are checking every entry to avoid spam. Posts will be checked and published a.s.a.p!